Monday, May 1, 2017

No Concert Tickets: The Best Time To Buy Tickets To A Sold Out Concert

When is the best time to purchase tickets to a sold out concert or sporting event?

There is a lot of competition for hot concert tickets. 

According to one study, of the nearly 14,000 available seats for a recent Justin Bieber concert at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville only 1,001 seats were available for purchase when the general sale began on Ticketmaster!  That is crazy and disloyal to real fans.

The other 12,999 tickets were allocated to VIP guest lists, presale on sales, fan club presales, radio stations and others.  This is way too common in the concert ticket industry.

A fan also has to compete with ticket scalpers who use multiple credit cards, artists scalping their own tickets on sites like TicketsNow (which is owner by Ticketmaster), "scalper bots" which are automated programs designed to get into online Ticketmaster and snatch seats as quickly as possible.

Tickets scalpers also use workers in the far east who are paid minimal wages to enter captas as quickly as possible for ticket scalpers. This happens for many popular arena concerts but also happens on a smaller scale for shows at smaller theaters and clubs.

What is a concert fan to do?

Assuming you have missed the ticket presale or ticket on sale (in which you will be charged very large service or convenience fees), it turns out that the best time to purchase tickets to a sold out event is approximately one month before the show from a online reseller.

Ticket resellers like VividSeats have a vast inventory of tickets so you can choose the exact tickets you want, have fair pricing compared to others in the ticket resale industry and has excellent customer service.

If you are willing to take a chance, you can actually get tickets to a sold out show at face price, below face price or even free if you wait for the until the first or second song of the concert. Ticket scalpers do not want to get stuck with unsold tickets and many will unload at a deep discount after the show begins.

If you are willing to go to a show alone, buying an individual single ticket will be on sale at a lower price than if you purchase tickets in pairs.

These techniques may work for concerts or ballgames with low demand but may not always work for superstar tours like Taylor Swift, One Direction or Twenty One Pilots, for those  and other hot shows be sure to check out Vivid or other reputable online sellers.

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